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What is Backflow?

There are two forms of backflow:

  1. Backsiphonage - usually caused by a loss of pressure in the drinking
    water system.

  2. Backpressure - caused by pumps, piping systems elevation, or thermal expansion from a heat source.

Backflow can cause our drinking water to become polluted or contaminated. Pollution reduces the quality of drinking water. It does not create a public health hazard, but adversely affects the aesthetics of taste, odor, and appearance.

However, when the drinking water is contaminated, there is a concern for public health if the water is consumed. This creates a threat of illness or, in extreme cases, human mortality.

Backflow Prevention is the application of design and equipment to prevent the undesirable reversal of the flow of fluids, chemicals, or any other foreign material into the public drinking water system. 

Proper use, installation, and maintenance protect your home, loved ones, and community from the potential for contamination or pollution. 

Information sourced from the ABPA

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